My turn on the What Happened in Vegas marriage equality blog hop!

Today I’m over at Dirk Greyson’s blog with a short story about two superheroes waking up married in Vegas—and with no memory of how. Uh oh! Is it a bad thing they’re married…or maybe not so much?

Here’s a little teaser…

Iskandar ached all over. All over. One giant ball of ow. Not the first time, probably wouldn’t be the last, but usually…usually he could remember what had caused the discomfort. He pushed past the thoughts of kill me now, trying to find some clue in his memories.

Had they fought Mistrios again? She was the latest villain attempting to make a name for herself in the northeast and she hit like a—

No, wait. He and Kyler were in Vegas. Right, the trade show. Technogeddon. They’d been planning this for months, a mini-vacation and business trip rolled into one. They’d stepped off the plane, had dinner, gone to Technogeddon the next morning and…


Someone moaned. Right beside him. Iskandar froze. He had a giant black hole in his memory—and he’d brought someone back to his hotel room with him?

Not good, not good, not good.

Check out the rest of the story at Dirk Greyson’s blog!

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