It’s release day again!

I can hardly believe that this is my fourth book release this year. Talk about going from a famine to a flood! This time last year, I was working on edits for two books but nothing was out on the market yet with my name on it. Now…four books are out there. FOUR! Wow.

Book 3 of Chaos Station - Available now

SKIP TRACE is the third book in the Chaos Station series. It was a difficult book to write, partly because Kelly and I were still figuring out the whole “how do series even work?” thing and partly because this is the book where we drag Felix through hell.

If you read book two, you know what happens and you know how wrecked he is afterwards. Well, we really didn’t want the Guardians’ actions to be a magic wand for Felix. Yes, Zed is back, but that doesn’t erase all of the emotions or bad thoughts or soul-deep pain Felix lived through. This book is about him dealing with all of that—plus lingering PTSD from the war, plus feelings of inadequacy around Zed’s very well-to-do family—and because he’s Felix, he doesn’t deal with it well.

As one of the early reviews of the book, from Online Eccentric Librarian, states: “Where the first book introduced us to both characters, the second book was about Zander’s coming to terms with his failing body, this third book is very much Felix’s story.” That’s dead on.

So, I hope you enjoy it! If you do happen to read it, an honest review at your vendor of choice and/or on Goodreads is always very much appreciated.

Skip Trace Blog Tour Banner

We’ve also got a blog tour set up for this week with prizes! Check out these stops:

Monday, Oct. 5: Kelly will be at Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Teahouse talking about the middle chapter of our series. We’ve also got an exclusive excerpt over at Queer Sci-Fi!

Tuesday, Oct. 6: Check out Joyfully Jay for a list of Kelly’s favourite gay couples. On the Carina Press blog, we share some Chaos crew trivia.

Wednesday, Oct. 7: My turn to share my favourite gay couples over at Prism Book Alliance.

Thursday, Oct. 8: We’ve got our favourite five tropes in romance over at Fresh Fiction.

Friday, Oct. 9: We chat a bit about the technology in the Chaos Station series at The Novel Approach.

Thanks so much to all of our hosts! You can find links to our rafflecopter at the tour stops—prizes include the first two books in the Chaos Station series and a $10 gift card to your favourite online bookseller.

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Happy reading!

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