Happy Release Day, Kelly!

My co-author and partner in crime, Kelly Jensen, has a new release out today! It’s a super sweet short story about two guys who have been in love for fifteen years when one of them points out to the other that hey, did you know it’s been a year since we’ve made love?

Uh oh.

I got to read this story really early and just re-read it last week. It’s happy-sigh-inducing. Here’s my review on Goodreads. But don’t take my word for it alone (I’m a little biased). Christi Snow had this to say. And Boy Meets Boy Review enjoyed it too!

Here’s the blurb:

Paul Summerfield is stunned by the gentle reminder it has been over a year since he and his partner, Evan Akkerman, have made love. He vows to take Evan out for Valentine’s Day. Dinner and sex. Lots of sex. There’s only one catch—he’s supposed to be in San Francisco that week cataloging the art collection of an important new client. No problem, he’ll just change his schedule and cut his trip short by a day.

In San Francisco, Paul struggles with regrets and the fear his love is slipping away from him. Every call to Evan seems only to prove the distance between them is increasing. All this, and a key piece of his client’s catalog is caught up in customs. To keep their Valentine’s date, Paul will have to choose between the career he’s built over fifteen years and the man he’s loved for just as long.

wwtltYou can pick it up at Amazon or at the Dreamspinner Press store, or anywhere ebooks are sold.


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