It’s #DABWAHA time!

(For those of you not in the know, here’s what DABWAHA is.)

So, if you’re reading this blog, you know I wrote a few books last year with my bestie, Kelly Jensen. This little series called Chaos Station, featuring two broken ex-soldiers who were best friends turned lovers before galactic war broke out and erased their chance at a happily ever after…or so they thought.

Well, the second book of the Chaos Station series, LONELY SHORE, is up for voting in the annual DABWAHA competition! You can vote for this tear-jerker of a read starting at NOON EDT UNTIL MIDNIGHT.



Here are fiveĀ reasons you should vote for LONELY SHORE:

Reason 1:

We made our editor and our copy editor cry when they read it.


(This might have been what our editor looked like…if she was Thor.)


Reason 2:

It actually has a happy ending! I PROMISE!


(Would Wayne Brady’s happy dance lie to you?)


Reason 3:

It has 282% more appearances by the Guardians. What are they up to??


(We just don’t know. No, seriously. We don’t know.)


Reason 4:

It has an awesomely punny opening scene with a malfunctioning bot that ends up spraying fertilizer everywhere.


(That’s not one of the puns we used BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN.)


Reason 5:



(Also a sad shower wank scene…poor Zed.)


Bonus reason:

You need to read book 2 if you want to get to book 3, where the Guardians go…



So please: go vote! Tell your friends to vote! Share this post with all the fun gifs and VOTE!

And I will love you forever.



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