April Writing Update

I’m going to try to do posts like this a little more often, so you can all get a glimpse at what I’m working on!

Joint projects

Kelly and I have two WIPs on the go. One is a light paranormal and the other is a contemporary, both m/m. Neither have homes yet, so I’ll hold off on details for now. But the paranormal is sitting at about 40,000 words, so it’s developing nicely!

And, because I’m a tease, here are our inspiration models for the contemporary…

Solo projects

The Evil Day Job was crazy busy in March, so I haven’t had much time to devote to writing solo stuff ̶ most of my writing time has been focused on our joint projects.

My main WIP is a m/m new adult paranormal sitting at about 40,000 words. I hope I’m able to get back to it this month because I’m just at the point that stuff is going to fall apart in a spectacular manner for my guys. Fun for me, maybe not so much for them.

I did have a novella plot bunny leap up and try to bite off my face a couple of weeks ago, so I’m plugging away at that when I can. It’s m/m contemporary, but more erotic than anything I’ve written to date, which is both fun and frightening. The story deals with some heavy subjects, like loss of a partner and rediscovery of one’s love of life, so I hope I’m able to do it justice.

Publication news

carina_0516_phase_shiftThe last book in the Chaos Station series, PHASE SHIFT, is now available for request on NetGalley! If you’re a reviewer and you’re looking to pick it up, now is the time. It will be published on May 2.

I have lots and lots of thoughts on ending a series, which I’ll be sharing after that milestone date. Stay tuned!

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