Honeymoon: A Chaos Station Short Story

Back in May, we said the official goodbye to Zed and Felix, but we wanted to have one last visit with them for the fans of the series to see that, yes, the boys are having a well-deserved happily ever after. That happily ever after might include things being taken apart that shouldn’t be taken apart, or accidental shenanigans in bed…but that’s only to be expected with Zed and Felix.

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A Chaos Station story

Zander can’t quite believe a galactic emergency didn’t interrupt their wedding. Felix can’t quite believe he’s married. One thing is for sure, though, these guys need a holiday! So they book a cruise aboard the drift ship Biswas.

There is no death or dismemberment in this story. No hull breaches, no marauding aliens. This is Zed and Felix, though, so not everything is going to go according to plan.

Honeymoon is available to read now!


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