WIP Weekend Peek – Baying for Blood

As promised, here’s a snippet from my WIP, Baying for Blood. Rev’s a wildblood—a werewolf—but he’s got issues. And being stuck in a crappy motel away from home by a late-spring storm means that Keegan, a virtual stranger, has to deal with them.

I’m not sure I can do this.

That was Keegan’s first thought as he surfaced from sleep to find light streaming in through the motel room’s front window—highlighting a very large, very naked Rev shivering in the middle of the room.

“Rev?” Keegan pushed himself up on his elbows, blinking away the crusty sand of too little sleep. He refocused—and saw red scratches from biceps to wrist on Rev’s arm. “Shit!” He jolted out of bed, but Rev stepped back, bending into a crouch, his teeth bared. Right. Slower movements. “Sorry,” he murmured, holding out a hand to placate the beast. Because even if Rev wore human skin at the moment, he was definitely more beast than man. “It’s just me. You see me?”

He froze, waiting for Rev’s usual response. Somehow, over the past couple of days, it had gotten to be a thing with them. Keegan tried to ignore the small spurt of pleasure in his gut that he shared a thing, even such a small one, with Rev.

Slowly, Rev’s lips closed to cover his teeth. “I see you.”

“Good. That’s good. I’m going to come over to you, okay? I want to check your arms…and your chest.” Because now that he was facing Rev head on, he could see that the stupid wildblood had done more damage than just to his arm. Christ.

Keegan detangled himself from the sheets with care, keeping his eyes on Rev the whole time. The other man’s hazel eyes were wide, constantly moving, checking the door, the window, the bathroom door in precise increments. Keegan kept murmuring soft words of comfort and encouragement, unsure how far gone Rev was. Far enough to hurt himself—not so far he couldn’t understand English. Keegan supposed he’d count that as a partial win.

“Easy now. Easy.” He took Rev’s hand, eyes on Rev’s face, watching for a reaction. He saw only the slightest relaxing of lines around Rev’s mouth and across his brow. Then Rev let out a soft sigh, and the shivering Keegan had observed—which was actually more like trembling—lessened. Satisfied that his touch had been accepted, Keegan turned his attention to the welts scratched into Rev’s flesh.

He couldn’t help the way his mouth turned downward at the external evidence of Rev’s internal battle. The scratches weren’t deep—not as deep as the ones that had caused the silvery scarring on Rev’s forearms. Beads of blood welled up here and there, and there were dry brown streaks smeared between the angry welts.

“Need to run,” Rev muttered.

“You need to stop hurting yourself,” Keegan huffed. God, what time was it? How many more hours until today was over?

“This isn’t the right skin. I need—”

Keegan grabbed Rev’s hand before he could start scratching again. “Stop! This is the only skin you’ve got, remember?”

“No.” It came out a whine. “I have another. I have to have another…”

Keegan squeezed Rev’s hands hard. “You don’t. Christ, Revie, don’t lose it on me now.”

Rev blinked and frowned, staring at Keegan’s hands over his own. After a minute, a noise somewhere between a laugh and sob escaped him. “Think it might be too late for that.”

A minute amount of tension seeped away from Keegan’s shoulders at the self-deprecating tone in Rev’s voice. If he was aware enough for a comment like that, maybe today wouldn’t be as long as Keegan was dreading.

“C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.” With a gentle nudge to Rev’s arm, Keegan guided him into the bathroom. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t prevent his gaze from sweeping down the length of Rev’s uninjured back to his tight, firm buttocks. The flow of the muscles begged to be appreciated, despite the fact that now was so not the time. Only a pervert would ogle a man who was barely in his right mind.

Good thing I don’t believe in hell, because that’s where I’d be going.

Rev hissed as he stepped under the warm water—then he just stood there, motionless, except for the trembling that resurfaced. Keegan watched him for a few seconds, waiting for Rev to come back to himself enough to pick up the soap and wash, but Rev made no move to do so. His eyes grew unfocused, and tension crept back into the muscles of his chest and arms.

“Hey,” Keegan said softly, but loud enough for Rev to hear him over the stream of water. “The soap’s right beside you.”

Rev didn’t look at him. Or at the soap.

Keegan let his head hang for a second, then yanked off his t-shirt. This was not how he’d wanted to get naked with Rev—and yeah, okay, getting naked with Rev had crossed his mind more than once since first laying eyes on him. The man was built, and there was no aphrodisiac like the air of confidence. Unless it was an air of vulnerability.

My freaking kryptonite.

Keegan stepped into the shower and immediately grabbed the soap. This was business, nothing more. A glance downward confirmed that Rev was soft—not surprising, since Keegan wasn’t even sure if Rev was aware of anything at the moment—and Keegan wrote off his half-chub as normal. Natural. Involuntary. The dude was hot, okay? He might be a witch, but he was only human.

He scrubbed Rev’s arms as gently as he could, while still forceful enough to remove the blood stains. When he moved onto Rev’s chest, he tried not to think of how he would prefer to touch it—light, teasing strokes, maybe a little pinch on a nipple, followed by a handful of muscle…

Gods be damned, his half-chub was more like a three-quarter version now. Okay, time to get out before he did something stupid. Keegan replaced the soap in the shower’s built-in dish with a jittery hand—only to have it slip out of his grip to bang against the bottom of the tub. He bent down, turning, trying to grab it before it slithered to the drain, and his butt brushed Rev’s groin.

Above him, Rev drew in a sharp breath. Before Keegan even knew what was happening, his back was shoved against the cold tile of the wall, and he had a wildblood looming over him, pressing close.

“Smell good,” Rev rumbled in Keegan’s ear.

Keegan shoved at Rev’s shoulder, but it was like trying to move a boulder with his bare hands. “Rev, it’s me. Keegan.”

“I know. I’d know your scent anywhere.”

Keegan wasn’t sure if he should be thankful Rev was aware of who he was and what he was doing, or frightened. Strangely, fear wouldn’t fully manifest. Maybe because his cock had given up on being only partially interested to spring forward to fully invested.

“I was just helping you clean up.”

“Uh huh.” Rev nosed the skin beneath Keegan’s ear, and Keegan fought the overwhelming urge to melt.

“We can’t—you’re not—”

“I’m focused,” Rev breathed. “For the first time in hours, I can think.” He huffed out a slight chuckle. “Okay, all I’m thinking about is making you scream, but I can think.”

Keegan dragged in a mouthful of moist, soap-scented air. “This is a bad idea,” he managed to say, despite his body screaming just the opposite. It had been months since he broke up with Claude, his last boyfriend, and Keegan was never one for hookups—it just wasn’t in him to look for no-strings-attached sex. He’d been raised to see sex as natural and normal, nothing to avoid or be ashamed of, but also as a celebration of the magic of being alive. He didn’t want to share that magic with people whose names he didn’t know.

But you know Rev’s name, his libido argued.

So not the point, he shot back.

“It’s not a bad idea if we both want it,” Rev countered. His fingers drifted across Keegan’s thigh to skim along his dick.

Someone had to be the rational one here. Keegan forced the pleasure of Rev’s touch out of his mind, and focused on words. On reasons. “You’re not yourself.”

Rev scored Keegan’s neck with his teeth, the light-but-dangerous caress enough to make Keegan shudder. “Debatable. There are moments during the full moon where I feel more me than I’ve ever felt. Like now.” Rev’s fingers slipped into Keegan’s hair, under the messy knot he’d pulled the locks into before getting into the shower, and tugged. Keegan couldn’t help the whimper that escaped. “You want this.”

Yes. No. “Rev—”

“Please. Keegan…” Rev’s inhale was shaky. “Please.”

It would take a superhuman to resist the ragged plea—and Keegan was anything but. He tilted his chin upward, offering his lips to Rev, and Rev didn’t mistake the gesture. Or hesitate.

He simply devoured.

Keegan had never been kissed quite like that before—with a hunger that bordered on animalistic. His partners had been passionate at times, sure, but civilized. Controlled, for the most part. Rev was anything but. His teeth clashed against Keegan’s. His tongue fought for dominance and won, conquering Keegan’s mouth. His lips demanded more, demanded everything, and Keegan had no choice but to give in. A soft whimper escaped him. Rev answered with a low, rumbly chuckle.

“Shut up,” Keegan gasped.

“I like your sounds.” Rev pressed harder against Keegan, his hard cock illustrating just how much he liked them. “Make some more.”

Keegan huffed. “It’s not something I can do on command, you—” He bit off the words with a moan as Rev’s teeth sank into his neck—hard enough to be felt, not hard enough to be truly painful.

“Mm-hmm.” Rev reached unerringly behind him and switched off the water. “Out.”

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