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We have a new book for you!

Actually, it’s not entirely new. Zed and Felix have their happy ever after and we don’t want to mess with that. If we ever do revisit the world of Chaos Station, it will be with a different story with a new couple. Yes, we have plans! For now, however, we’ve been busy putting together a piece of Chaos Station for collector’s bookshelves.

Always and Forever is a print edition of all the short stories we wrote alongside the Chaos Station series, and we want to give away a copy each to two of our wonderful readers! What do you need to do to enter our giveaway? All of our newsletter subscribers are entered automatically.

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Always and Forever

In Chaos Station (Chaos Station #1), Zander Anatolius and Felix Ingesson are reunited after nine years apart. Zander believes Felix was captured and executed by the enemy in the years long Human-Stin War. Felix believes Zander was swallowed by a black ops program, probably never to surface again. Their reunion, therefore, is a rather profound event and the basis for the five-book Chaos Station series.

That’s not where their story begins, however.

Collected here are the extra stories written alongside the Chaos Station series. “Graduation” and “Reunion” are set before the adventure begins, “Kiss the Guardian” and “Salute to the Sun” during the action, and “Honeymoon” serves as the final chapter.


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