All Romance eBooks Closure

Yesterday, the news of All Romance eBooks’ impending closure blew through the romance genre community. Plenty of people have spoken up about the unethical way this closure is unfolding—check Twitter or Facebook for a multitude of well-deserved rants against the company. All I’ll say is shame on ARe for paying a pittance on royalties owed and withholding royalties altogether for Q4 on books it published.

To my readers, if you have a library on ARe, you’ll want to download your books before midnight on December 31, as the site will go dark and you won’t be able to access anything after that time. Because there are thousands of readers trying to do this, the site has been very slow. However, I found that there were no crashes early this morning, so you might consider planning your downloads for tomorrow morning around 6 a.m. EST. Such a pain, I know.

Many authors have removed their books from the site. The Chaos Station books are no longer available there, either. If you’re looking to purchase any of the Chaos Station books, they’re available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the Carina Press site. (You can check out the Chaos Station site or my site for more details and links to the individual books.)

It doesn’t seem that ARe will be honouring pre-orders, but Dreamspinner Press, Interlude Press, NineStar Press, and Less Than Three Press have all said they will provide you with a copy of your pre-ordered book if you show them your pre-order receipt. Kudos to them for this classy move. (Edit to add that JMS Books has also offered to honour pre-orders.)

And, finally, authors who have been burned by this debacle are encouraged to contact Writer Beware at beware[at]

Kind of a crappy way to end a year. 🙁



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