Recent Kindle Unlimited Awesomeness

If you’ve gone exploring Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited offerings, you already know there’s a ton of stuff available. Personally, I’ve found it kind of hit and miss, but I’ve come across some winners lately and I want to share! These books are all available on KU in Canada…I hope that means they’re also available on KU in the States and elsewhere.

In the Wreckage by Hailey Turner

34346535This is Hailey Turner’s debut and WOW. Just wow. It’s a wonderfully sexy and fun m/m set a few hundred years in the future on an Earth where climate change and chemical warfare have changed not only our planet but ourselves. Metahumans are basically reluctant superheroes whose DNA has been fundamentally changed by a chemical weapon, and the book focuses on one particular team of the Metahuman Defense Force.

The setting, the world, the characters and the story are all fantastic. You can read more details over on my Goodreads review.

TL;DR: Fantastic book. Hot, sexy, fun futuristic military adventure. Highly recommended.

The Beautiful Monsters series by Jex Lane

Ever read a book way past your bedtime, but then decide, like the responsible adult you are, that you’re not going to stay up all night, so you put the book down at a quasi-reasonable time to get some sleep—only to discover you can’t sleep because your brain is still living in that book? Yeah. That was me last night with the third book, Broken, of Jex Lane’s amazing Beautiful Monsters series.

This series is not romance. It’s dark urban fantasy. Violent, epic, and super-freaking-sexy. It’s seriously one of the most compelling series I’ve read in a long, long time. The main character, Matthew, goes through so much—he’s a pawn between two warring factions when all he wants is a place to belong. Your heart will ache for him. Mine did. Repeatedly.

Fair warning, though: these books are DARK. Lots of bad stuff happens to Matthew. Really bad. The series title does not lie—the paranormal creatures in this book might be beautiful but they truly are monsters.

(Oh, also: The first book, Captive, is 99¢ on, and probably the same on US Amazon, so even if you don’t have a KU membership, it’s a steal.)

Re-releases from M.L. Rhodes

M.L. Rhodes has started re-releasing her books via self-publishing and KU. I haven’t read her extensive backlist before, so this was a great chance for me to explore her work.

I started with Familiar, and it was just wonderful. I loved Emrys’s voice and the worldbuilding. It’s a nice, light paranormal, with enough emotion to be a really satisfying read.

Next I read True of Heart, the first book in her Draegan Lords series…which seems to not be on KU anymore. Bummer. BUT for $3, it’s a no-brainer to grab it. It was a wonderful fantasy m/m with high stakes and a true mate trope (which is catnip for me). I’m eagerly awaiting the second book’s re-release!

Happy reading!

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