#TBT Book Reviews: Learning Curve by Kaje Harper

It’s another instalment of my Throwback Thursday book reviews! Today I’m going to share a short and sweet review I did for the last book of one of my favourite m/m series of all time…and then I’m going to add a little more from another blog post on my favourite cops in m/m.

18335673This series just blew me away. I’m definitely having a moment of mourning that it’s over.

The thing I loved most about the books was that Mac and Tony are just regular guys. Tony’s not an amateur detective, just a great high school teacher, and Mac, while an excellent cop, is not supercop. Their challenges and struggles felt very real, very visceral at times. More than once I found myself laughing, or crying, or with my heart in my throat. This book, in particular, is heart-wrenching and amazing, all at the same time, as Mac struggles to come back from the events of the third book.

I will be rereading this series at some point, because this journey is so good, I can’t just experience it once.


From my Top Ten M/M Cop Characters post over on Scorching Book Reviews:

1. Detective Jared “Mac” MacLean from Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons series

Oh, Mac. What an amazing character. When we first meet him, he is utterly smitten with the witness in his latest murder case, Tony Hart, an openly gay high school teacher. Problem is, Mac has always been in the closet and has no plans to come out—the potential to upset his life as a single dad dependent on conservative relatives for childcare is too great. Mac’s character arc over the course of the series is phenomenal and organic, and his relationship with Tony is one of the strongest, most satisfying I’ve read in any romance. No matter what life throws at them, they face it together.

Favourite quote:

Perry’s expression sharpened at Mac’s verbal hesitations and flat tone. “What the fuck kind of accent is that? You a foreigner as well as a fag?”

“That is my coming back from almost fucking dead accent,” Mac said as coldly as he could.

– Learning Curve, Kaje Harper

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