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Kelly and I have been BUSY so far this week with posts on various blogs. That’s what release week is like, I’m finding! Here’s a breakdown of where we’ve been…

Kelly talks about aliens over on Charlie Cochet’s blog.

The Carina Press blog hosted our post about sexuality in the future. Also, we’ve got an excerpt from Lonely Shore on this topic at Queer Sci-Fi.

On Here Be Magic, we’ve got a fun short story that will post today (Wednesday) and tomorrow, called “Kiss the Guardian”. (Not gonna lie, we wanted a fun short story because Lonely Shore is…well…reviewers have warned readers to have tissues handy. That’s all I’m saying.)

And, finally, today Scorching Book Reviews hosted my Top Ten M/M Cops as part of their month-long LGBT event. Check out my list and let me know if I missed anyone! I’m always eager to add more m/m cops to my TBR pile.

As always, keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook page for updates!

Now available: LONELY SHORE!

LSCover600Book two of the Chaos Station series is now available!

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Read the first chapter on our website now!

We’ve got a lot scheduled to celebrate this new release!

Today, check out Charlie Cochet’s blog for a guest post and a giveaway. We’ve also got an exclusive excerpt over at Queer Sci-fi and another guest post at Brynn Stein’s blog.

Later this week, we’ll be blogging at the Carina Press blog about sexuality in the future and there will be a new Chaos Station universe short story on Here Be Magic on Wednesday. On Friday, check out Kelly’s blog to pick out your ashushk name and enter to win a copy of CHAOS STATION. Also on Friday, you can meet Brennan, Zander’s brother, over on Angela Korrati’s Boosting the Signal.

Keep an eye on our social media outlets for more news about LONELY SHORE and the Chaos Station series. You can also sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Thank you so much to all of our readers who make this adventure even more fun.

Why doesn’t the US have a law like France’s regarding the distribution of unsold food to charity?

A very good question, I think.

Nikka Michaels

If you’re here to read about books, pardon me while I get up on my soapbox for a few moments to talk about an issue that is close to my heart.

If you’ve gone grocery shopping lately, you’ll note how expensive food can be. I know for my household, just getting a week’s worth of basic groceries involving the recommended number of servings of the five food groups can easily reach over $150.00 USD. Sometimes, I clip coupons and sometimes I personally go without if it means the rest of my family can have nutritious food.

Money is tight all over the world. Sometimes the only place people can find food is through charities, food banks or dumpsterdiving.

In France, a law was just passed making it a requirement for supermarkets to throw away or destroy unspoiled food. Instead, they’re required to donate the unused food to charity or for use…

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LONELY SHORE is almost here!

Monday, May 25 is the big day! Everyone will get to see how Zed and Felix are progressing.LSCover600

What impact will the revelations about Zed’s training have on their relationship?

Why is everyone who’s reviewed it so far hinted at a need for tissues…?

(I know the answer to that one, but I’m not telling.)

Check out an excerpt from LONELY SHORE (and there are links to preorder it, too, if you’re so inclined).

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the first book, CHAOS STATION, the long weekend is the perfect time to get up to speed! Here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite…

“Flick,” Zed whispered.

He was already so close. Embarrassment wound through him at that, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. He hadn’t been with anyone for…what, three years now? Longer? And it had never been as intense as it was with Flick. Because he’d never loved anyone but the man in his arms. His hips rolled, finding a rhythm that made him groan, a rhythm Flick encouraged.

“You’re gonna make me come,” he breathed against Flick’s mouth.

“So come.”

More info about CHAOS STATION is on our website, too.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


CHAOS STATION has been out for just over two months now, so I thought I’d take a minute to reflect.

“Wow” pretty much sums it up.

When our boys went out into the world on March 2, Kelly and I hoped that people would like them. Felix can be kind of an ass and Zed’s got a martyr streak a mile wide, but they’re good men. Broken, but good. It seems that resonated with readers. We’ve gotten some amazing reviews from individual readers and from some big sites, too. CHAOS STATION was marked as a recommended read by Prism Book Alliance, Fiction Vixen, Heroes and Heartbreakers, and Dear Author.

For a couple of authors no one had heard of, that’s all pretty cool!

And now we’re two weeks from the launch of LONELY SHORE, book 2. The feedback we’ve gotten on this one so far has exceeded what we’d hoped for. There’s a sort of sick joy when you hear a reader cried really hard while reading your book. On the one hand, you want to hug them, apologize, and hand over the tissues. On the other…


So…to all the readers and bloggers and reviewers: Thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on a pair of relatively new authors. Thank you for opening your hearts to a couple of broken ex-soldiers. Thank you for the kind words about the world we’ve created and the characters in it. We hope you continue to enjoy this series as much as we enjoy writing it!

Read the first chapter of Lonely Shore!

Check out the first chapter of LONELY SHORE, out May 25!

Kelly Jensen

Zander and Felix return May 25 in book two of Chaos Station: Lonely Shore. You can read the first chapter on our website now.


Jenn and I are really excited to share the next chapter in the story of Zed and Flick (as we like to call them), and the first reviews have been super positive:

“Fantastic, even better than the first book.” – Angela, Fiction Vixen

“With their beat-up ship and eclectic group, comparisons with the fan favorite TV show Firefly are inevitable, but in more of the way of homage, since Burke and Jensen’s characters take center stage all on their own.” – Melanie C. Duncan, The Library Journal

If you haven’t read Chaos Station yet, there’s still time! Here’s what readers are saying about the first book in our series:

“This book was so good, riveting, and I didn’t want to put it down as I devoured it. This series…

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Rebooting The Heart of a Geek!

When I moved to a new website earlier this year, I decided to move my blog over there, too. And then I decided to stop blogging and just post news.

Yeah, well, I decided I don’t like not blogging. I might not have the longest posts, but I still miss having a space to share thoughts and randomness. So here I am, rebooting this space.

Stay tuned for news…there will be a lot of it in the coming month! LONELY SHORE, book 2 of Chaos Station, will be released on May 25 and we’ve got a lot planned for around that time.