Must Love Dogs…And Magic

When Roland Gray reaches out to a podcast to vent about his latest coven kicking him out because his magic just doesn’t fit, the last thing he expects is to stumble across a “roommate wanted” ad that sounds too perfect to be true. He doesn’t want to get his hopes up—he’s been burned too many times to believe he’ll finally find a home. But his potential roommates seem nice enough, even if the landlord is the gruffest, tersest man he’s ever met.

Miller Moore never intended to be a landlord, let alone a roommate to a bunch of magical people. But after a divorce and a lay-off in quick succession, it was the only way he could keep his dream home. Over the past few years, they’ve made a family of a sort, with dogs and cats and their people. He kind of loves all of them—even though he’d never tell his roommates that. Dogs are so much easier to deal with. At least until he gets to know Roland and discovers Ro fills a space Miller hadn’t realized was empty.

Ro’s wonky magic has always kept him from finding a place to belong. To find a home with Miller, he’ll have to be braver than he’s ever been…and believe.

This story was previously published as “A Caller from Ottawa” in the Heart 2 Heart Anthology Volume 4. It’s been edited and slightly expanded.

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