Suggested reading order

The Gargoyles of Arrington

Three gargoyle brothers fight to find true love and break their curse before they turn to stone for another hundred years.

1. Stone Wings

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pairing: Male/male (gay)
Tropes: Fake date

2. Stone Skin

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pairing: Male/male (gay/pansexual)
Tropes: Hurt/comfort

3. Stone Heart

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pairing: Male/male/male (asexual/gay/gay)
Tropes: Enemies-to-lovers

Not Dead Yet

A not-ghost thief and his ex, a detective with big secrets, work together to solve paranormal mysteries in Toronto.

Genre: Paranormal mystery romance
Pairing: Male/male (gray asexual/gay)
Tropes: Second chance romance, vampires, murder mystery

A vampire private detective battling chronic depression accidentally bonds with a man who’s last memory is from 1990, and who has no idea how or why he’s suddenly involved in a plot that threatens the paranormal community of Toronto. A spin-off of the Not Dead Yet series.

Genre: Paranormal mystery romance
Pairing: Male/male (gay/bisexual)
Tropes: Forced proximity, vampires, murder mystery

The Golden Kingdom

Welcome to the Golden Kingdom, a society of mythical creatures such as gryphons, dragons, minotaurs and more that exists side-by-side to the human world.

1. The Gryphon King’s Consort

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pairing: Male/male (bisexual/bisexual)
Tropes: Arranged marriage, royalty, political intrigue

2. The Dragon CEO’s Assistant

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pairing: Male/male (gay/bisexual)
Tropes: Amnesia, fated mates, mistaken identity

The Golden Kingdom Collection

The Gryphon King’s Consort and The Dragon CEO’s Assistant in one volume!

Chaos Station

(Co-written with Kelly Jensen)

A pair of best friends, separated by galactic war, reunite unexpectedly and want to reconnect romantically…but the war has left both of them changed men.

Genre: Science-fiction romance
Pairing: Male/male (gay/bisexual)
Tropes: Second chance romance, friends to lovers, save the galaxy, space opera