Stone Heart

Maybe his heart isn’t made of stone after all…

Centuries ago, Teague O’Reilly and his brothers were cursed to be gargoyles, and their only hope for freedom was to find their true loves. Teague knows he’ll be cursed forever—who would love someone who doesn’t want sex?

Chris Holt does. The bear shifter tricked Teague into binding their souls together in hopes of ending the Holt family curse. He didn’t realize how that jeopardized Teague’s chances to find true love, except… Chris is pretty sure he might be it. Him and Frankie.

Younger than the two other men, Frankie’s had a difficult life as an orphaned mountain lion shifter. He knows he belongs to both Teague and Chris, and Chris knows it too. But they’ll need to work a certain type of magic to convince the asexual gargoyle that there’s more to love than sex.

When the dark, fae-like creature who’s been tormenting them for months resurfaces with a new plan to subjugate them, Frankie will do anything to protect his men.


Stone Heart features a male/male/male triad relationship between an oblivious asexual gargoyle, a gay himbo bear shifter, and a fierce gay mountain lion shifter. There’s also a cabin with only one bed, lots of self-discovery, and a huge found family. It’s the final book in the Gargoyles of Arrington series and has the hardest-won happily ever after, I promise.

The Gargoyles of Arrington Series

Book 1: Stone Wings
Book 2: Stone Skin
Book 3: Stone Heart

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