The Sheriff of Shard Hills

Space station cop Varuna Das is different. He’s half-human, half-dimeti, and the mix of DNA has had some interesting consequences…like a tail he does his best to keep hidden. Well into middle age, he’s used to being treated badly because of his looks, and as much as he hates it, he understands it. Humans and dimeti just finished a twenty-year war, after all.

What he doesn’t understand is why Major Kerrick StarCourser, a young, beautiful war hero, keeps coming back to him for no-strings sexy fun. Or why Kerrick’s suddenly shown up, bruised and battered, just as Varuna transfers to Shard Hills, a small town on a nearby planet, to take over as sheriff. Kerrick doesn’t show any sign of leaving this time, settling into Varuna’s new home and cooking up a storm. It’s as though he was never a special forces officer.

Confused as he is, Varuna loves having Kerrick there. His life in Shard Hills is shaping up to provide everything he’s ever wanted: a home, a purpose, a family. But when Varuna’s dark past catches up to him, will Kerrick’s heroic integrity let him forgive and forget…and stay?

The Sheriff of Shard Hills is a 30,000 word novella with a middle-aged, half-alien cop who doesn’t see his own value, a young, fem war hero who does, and a happily ever after. Once the shooting stops, of course.

This book was previously available through a Prolific Works promotion. This version has no changes.

Available on Amazon on January 31, 2023!