Yep, we really did just toss a 55k word WIP

Kelly posted earlier today about our decision to toss a WIP of 55,000 words. If you’re a writer (or maybe even if you’re not), you’re probably wincing right now. That’s a lot of effort that we just put aside. Six weeks of effort, in fact. She talks about our thought processes leading up to thisContinue reading “Yep, we really did just toss a 55k word WIP”

Let’s talk about ex(es), baby!

Picture this scenario: You’re writing a romance novel. (I know, this is a huge stretch for my blog audience.) In this book are two amazing main characters (hero/heroine, hero/hero, heroine/heroine, doesn’t matter). You love these main characters. They’re awesome illustrations of everything a hero or heroine should be—not perfect, of course, but realistically flawed andContinue reading “Let’s talk about ex(es), baby!”

What’s the problem with said?

I saw a tweet recently with the hashtag #SaidAlts offering suggestions for “said” alternatives that made me cringe. I’ve seen this come up a lot with new authors, this aversion to said. It’s not that I’m against using synonyms for said (I’m really not!), but the choices the tweet offered up struck me as trying wayContinue reading “What’s the problem with said?”

I have to read it AGAIN?! …or Proofreading: The Bane of an Author’s Existence

No book is ever going to be perfect. This is kind of a comforting statement, one I’ve pulled out a few times over the last six months. I can do my best, but I’m growing as an author with every book and I know that there are some things I wish I could change inContinue reading “I have to read it AGAIN?! …or Proofreading: The Bane of an Author’s Existence”